Setting The Bar – Jake Spotswood, University of Alabama Polevaulter

It’s a sight to behold… launching himself over 17 feet in the air by sheer force and precise mechanics. He goes for it, whether it be in Track and Field or life in general. No bar is too high for an attempt.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • What it takes to become a high-level student athlete
  • Diet, Exercise, and Mindfulness as precursors to success
  • How to win an Indoor Track & Field SEC Championship
  • And other insights from a college athlete

I convinced my little brother to share the most useful tactics that have contributed to his success as a Track and Field athlete at the University of Alabama. You would think it would’ve been easy to get the little bro to talk, but he’s careful not to boast, practicing humbleness in the presence of success.

It’s never been easy. No one was interested in him during his Junior year of high school, a time when many young students are beginning to make their decisions on what college to attend. During his Senior year, he showed up on the Division I radar after committing himself to jumping 4 feet higher than the previous season and crushing the Alabama state record in the decathlon.

The truth is, every example of success has one thing in common: hard work. Nothing comes without a cost, and there’s a lot to give up to become a high-level student athlete. At the same time, this SEC champion believes it’s all worth it.

“It’s worth the work. You’re with a team, working for something outside of yourself. You’re building on your skills and helping everyone else out. It’s a really great environment.”

If you’re curious about the life of high-level student athlete, tune in for some of Jake’s insights on navigating the realm of college athletics.

We talk life, business, and mindfulness… our favorite things. Enjoy TheExperiment and this free-flow of ideas.

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